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Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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 Appalachian Trail Group

The Appalachian Trail, or the “AT,” is a hiking trail that runs from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mt. Katahdin, Maine for a total of 2,189.1 miles, which takes approximately 6 months to complete.  

The AT has its own unique culture.  Anything you need, you carry on your back, which means one is very careful about the weight of the items they are carrying.  In addition to hiking and camping equipment, the hikers have to carry their water, food and supplies.  They carefully plan and will stop along the way to resupply.  

There’s this phenomenon called “Trail Magic,” (or “Trail Blessings”) provided by  “Trail Angels” who leave water and food along the trail or provide a ride into town.   Sometimes people open their homes to thru hikers for a shower, a home cooked meal and a comfortable bed for the night.  

Did you realize that the AT runs right through our area? We’re over 1,300 miles into the trail.  It crosses Rt. 94 in Vernon near Heaven Hill Farm and Warwick Turnpike in the area of Wawayanda State Park.  But even closer to our church, the trail crosses Longhouse Rd. only about 2 miles from us on the New York-New Jersey Line and then on up to Mt. Peter right near Bellvale Creamery in Warwick, NY.  Thru hikers usually get into this area around July.

As an outreach ministry, our church can provide Trail Blessings to hikers.  We can provide water, cold drinks, dry food, or a ride to the post office and the food store to resupply. We can bless hikers with a shower, a meal, access to laundry services or perhaps a place to stay for a night.

If you are interested in donating items, or opening your home to thru-hikers, please call or text Sandy at 973-809-3576.  If you are a thru-hiker, please know we are praying for you, and feel free to contact Sandy to coordinate some “Trail Blessings” along your trek! See us on Facebook 

For those who hike the AT, this is not just a 2,189.1 mile trek through the woods.  It truly is a personal spiritual journey.  The thru hikers we have met come from all parts of the country from all different backgrounds. We may not know what prompts someone to take that journey, but we are praying for these hikers.  We pray for their safety and provision, for their physical health and strength ….. but most importantly we pray that these hikers will encounter the Lord as they journey and experience His beautiful creation.  And along the way, we can be used by God to demonstrate simple Christian hospitality and the Love of Christ to reach these hikers on their journey.