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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Down-to-earth people looking upward to God
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About Us


Although there are already many churches existing in America, it has been seen that the best way to connect with those not attending any church is to start a new church in their community. Living Word, therefore, was started to serve the unchurched people of the West Milford area.
This has been our mission since our inception in the Spring of 1999.
To see our core values click here.
We think you will agree that Living Word attempts to provide a worship experience that is relevant and authentic. We believe going to church should not be drudgery, but rather, an uplifting, transforming and meaningful experience.
The church purchased its own building in November 2007. 
Services are Sunday morning at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.
Our desire at Living Word is to make people from all religious backgrounds feel welcome. We are thoroughly Christian in our beliefs and evangelical in our mission and practice. Living Word is a member of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. We are Christian because we believe and follow Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We are missionary because we are committed to reaching unreached people with the good news of Jesus Christ. 
The CMA logo represents Jesus as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King.
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               Christian and Missionary Alliance 
               Metro Region CMA
A full doctrinal statement is available upon request. In short, we believe the Bible to be God’s Word: inspired, inerrant, and authoritative in all matters regarding faith and practice. We emphasize the need for genuine spiritual conversion to Christ and ongoing discipleship.
At Living Word, we firmly believe in majoring on "the majors" and minoring on "the minors."
The policy of Living Word is to be above board in all financial dealings. A budget report is always available. The Senior Pastor, staff and leaders of Living Word are never informed of details regarding the specific giving of members of the congregation. Only the treasurer has access to those records.
Also, you will never be pressured to give at Living Word. We strongly believe that it is God who directs people to give and that He will provide for our ongoing needs.
Living Word is deeply committed to the family. We love people of all ages -- including kids! Each week, KidsQuest (a program tailored to your child’s age) provides creative programs and nursery care. We go out of our way to make sure your child has fun while learning about God.
Our Youth Groups meet regularly and have various seasonal outings together.
Living Word has a formal membership program.  Membership permits you to vote on church business matters.  All who meet the requirements are welcome.  Talk to our Pastor or call the Church office for more information (973-749-6621).
The best environment for developing strong, supportive friendships at Living Word is in a Small Group. These groups (often called Growth Groups) are open to newcomers and aim to foster both spiritual and relational growth. Most Growth Groups meet in homes throughout the community. Click here to see the schedule.  (Also, see the listing in the worship bulletin.)
Living Word occasionally has friendship building events offering opportunities to meet others in a relaxed, social setting.
As a new church, Living Word has plenty of opportunity for service. We believe that the church is a team and that God has uniquely gifted us all. There is a place for everyone to serve, and it is our desire that those who serve are fruitful and fulfilled in the role they play.
If you would like further information about how you might get involved, please talk to the Senior Pastor or  check the list of ministries to see opportunities available.
As your interest grows in Living Word, there are many additional questions you might have. If you have further questions, you can either...
Speak with a volunteer at the Information Table.
Speak with the Senior Pastor or ministry leader.
Call the church office during the week at your convenience. (973)749-6621.
"We don't change God's message --  His message changes us."